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About NCC
The Family Resource Network, a New Jersey-based organization, will re-convene many of the nation’s industry leaders and family caregivers for the 2022 National Caregivers Conference.

The theme of NCC 2022 is “Emerging Forward, Together”. COVID-19 took a significant toll on the Nation becoming the most challenging times we’ve ever faced. Unpaid family caregivers were impacted by the pandemic in four categories: environmental, technological, societal, and economic. As the Nation is on the path of recovery, The Family Resource Network puts emphasis on the necessity to address the issues in conjunction with the others. The effectiveness of the recovery relies solely on how well policymakers, leaders, and professionals work together. The National Caregivers Conference is committed to creating a space to collaborate, learn and support.

“A new world will emerge, the contours of which are for us to draw.”-Klaus Schwab.
Wyndham Philadelphia Historic District
400 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19106
 For the first time, The National Caregivers Conference will be delivered in a hybrid format, combining an in-person conference experience with a virtual component.
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Virtual Attendance
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$125 Virtual Final Family Caregiver

$200 Virtual Final Professional

In-Person Attendance
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$250 Final Professional
Keynote Speaker
Racheal Ankrah-Fosu
Racheal Ankrah-Fosu was born in a little country on the Western Coast of Africa, Liberia. Despite surviving the Liberian Civil War and resulting trauma at an early age; 17, she successfully became a 25-year Wall Street, Fintech Executive, and a 14-year social entrepreneur in early childhood care/education, a speaker, author, and community servant leader. She is now the Chief Operations and Technology Officer at ConSol USA, a social for-profit enterprise dedicated to bridging the opportunity divide by creating learning to earning pathways for underserved youth, women and veterans in the information technology corporate realm.

Racheal's Full Bio
Alejandrina Batista, LCSW
Alejandrina Batista is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years of experience working with children, youth, and adults diagnosed with mental health and developmental disabilities.

Presentation:  Power of Connectedness with Ourselves & Others in Moving Forward 

Kelly Boyd
Kelly Boyd is an Access & Functional Needs Planner for the NJ Office of Emergency Management.

Presentation: Emergency Preparedness & Register Ready
Mary Daniel
Mary Daniel is a Board-Certified Patient Advocate and the Founder of ClaimMedic and the Daniel Advocacy Group.

Presentation: How to Boldly Advocate for your Loved One: A Dishwasher’s Story
Keith Demps and
Kat Demps, DrPH
Keith Demps and Kat Demps are co-founders of KLDCONSULTORS. Kat Demps is a multi-lingual, nationally certified speech-language pathologist, linguist, certified autism specialist, certified public health researcher, and certified in the practice of cognitive rehabilitation. Keith is a telecommunications technician.

Presentation: Self-Care for Caregivers in a Pandemic World 

Buffy Duvall
Entrepreneur and founder of, We Coach Caregivers.

Presentation: Coaching: A New Model to Equip and Empower Caregivers - Help for Now - A Career for Later 
Doris Green, M.P.A
Doris Green serves as Director of the New York State Caregiving and Respite Coalition as an employee of Lifespan of Greater Rochester.

Presentation: Understanding Caregivers in the Workplace – An Overview of the Employed Caregiver Survey and the New York State Caregiver Guide for Businesses 
Patrick M. Hamilton, M.P.A.
Patrick M. Hamilton is the Special Assistant to the Regional Administrator
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Philadelphia Regional Office

Helpful Tools to Navigate Medicare Coverage
Laura Jacobs, M.A.
Laura Jacobs is lead facilitator and founder of Autism and School, a support/resources group for parents of school-age children with Autism (ASD/HFA).

Presentation: Empowering Caregivers of School Age Children with Autism
Christina Keys
Christina Keys is the Director of Community Growth at
Presentation: Bringing Caregivers and Community Resources Together
Feylyn Lewis, PhD
 Dr. Lewis is the program manager for the Students for Health Equity program at Vanderbilt University’s School of Nursing, while also continuing to practice as an independent researcher and consultant.

Presentation: Youth Caregivers: Before, During, and After the COVID-19 Pandemic
Michelle Lewis
Michelle Lewis serves as the Executive Director of the Young Caregivers Association, a not-for-profit agency with a mission to serve caregiving children, youth, young adults and their families in Canada.

Presentation: Supporting Young Caregivers: An Evidence Based Model of Support in Canada
Mary Elaine Petrucci, M.B.A
Mary Elaine is a healthcare expert who has nearly twenty years in healthcare and pharmaceuticals sales and marketing and 20 years as a healthcare provider working with children and adults in schools, home care, hospitals, nursing homes, and memory care settings as well as independent and assisted living facilities.

Presentation: The Caregiver Notebook: 3 Keys to Caregiving
Lynda Shrager, OTR, MSW, CAPS
Lynda Shrager is a registered occupational therapist with a master's degree in social work and has worked for more than 42 years in the field of geriatric rehabilitation.

Presentation: Keep Them Safe - Keep You Sane: A Caregiver’s Guide to a Safe Home
Heather Campbell Slutzky, MLS, CPXP
Heather Campbell Slutzky is the Founder and Principal Celebrant of Anchor & Flame, an organization focused on developing the leadership skills of compassionate weirdos and creating meaningful celebrations for all.

Presentation: Celebrations define community and family
Loretta Woodward Veney
Loretta Woodward Veney is an inspirational speaker who has delivered more than 325 speeches and presentations on dementia and caregiving since 2014.

Presentation: Building Joyful Caregiver Experiences with Humility, Hope and Humor!
Sharon Cackett, Assistant Director - NYS Caregiving and Respite Coalition (NYSCRC)
Sharon is a strong advocate for Caregivers. First as an EAP Coordinator and later as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Comfort House of Allegany County. There she helped foster an environment of emotional and psychological safety for those at the end of life and their caregivers. Working in a AAA she provided case management, lead support groups and provided family & care consultations for caregivers. At the NYSCRC she is helping to address growing need for more and expanded volunteer respite. She understands the needs of the community, the apprehensions of volunteers and realities of continued support. Sharon holds M.S. Higher Education and Policy studies from SUNY Albany.

Presentation: Understanding Caregivers in the Workplace – An Overview of the Employed Caregiver Survey and the New York State Caregiver Guide for Businesses
Deana Prest, Caregiver Support Program Director and Lifespan Respite Program Director, New York State Office for the Aging (NYSOFA)
Deana Prest, Director of the Caregiver Support Proram, New York State Office for the Aging. With over 22 years of public service, Deana brings her expertise and knowldege to the caregiving network throughout New York. Deana oversees several caregiving and respite initiatives, including integrating systemic change through programs and policies that benefit disadvantaged groups and communities while increasing caregiver access to respite services. Deana’s initiative and drive inspires others to work hard and achieve their goals. Her positive attitude and energy fosters innovation in the workplace and throughout the state while interacting with local programs. Deana’s motivation comes from her strong family support system, her husband, daughter, and twin sons. In her free time Deana enjoys baking, gardening, and playing fetch with her golden retrievers.

Presentation: Understanding Caregivers in the Workplace – An Overview of the Employed Caregiver Survey and the New York State Caregiver Guide for Businesses.
Laura Weinberg, M.S., CCC-SLP, M.B.A. & William Aronow
Laura is nationally-certified in speech-language pathology and licensed in NJ. She recently supported her adult son, William Aronow, in using his communication device through about 1,200 hours of virtual groups, including the 120-person international Zoom family reunion he had convinced Aronows to hold. William Aronow self-identifies as a non-vocal autistic man and AAC user

Presentation: Support for Communication: A personal Tour of Tools, Techniques, and benefits. 
William Aronow
William Aronow self-identifies as a non-vocal autistic man and AAC user. He attained his high school degree in 2018, but he considers October 2020 to be “when I learned to type.” William loves good food, fitness, and playing sports. He would like everyone to know about running with Achilles International and to check out William became an Autism Speaks Volunteer Advocacy Ambassador in December 2020 and joined NJ State Self-Advocacy Network Regional Council 2 in 2022. He advocates for paid and family caregivers. He has testified and lobbied on issues including health, education, and housing - all without “mouth words.”

Presentation: Communication Supports for Families and Aides
Sponsorship Opportunities
With the support of our Conference Partners, we are hosting the National Caregivers Conference in Philadelphia, PA. The National Caregivers Conference 2022 (NCC 2022) will re-convene many of the Nation’s industry leaders and family caregivers for the first ever hybrid event.

Together we will examine the progress made to date in strengthening the caregiver ecosystem, identifying the gaps, and considering new opportunities for enhancing the professional and unpaid family caregiver roles. As the Nation is on the path of recovery, The Family Resource Network puts emphasis on the necessity to address the issues in conjunction with the others.

On behalf of the Conference Planning Committee, we would like to invite you to attend and support the National Caregivers Conference here in Philadelphia on October 16 & 17, 2022. Hosted at the Wyndham Philadelphia Historic District Hotel where you will have the opportunity to discover the Old City Neighborhood and iconic landmarks.

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